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Wakasa's Top 5 Kenyan Music Videos of 2019

Chris Kaiga – ‘Niko On’ directed by Frnck

Despite having blown up this year with ‘Zimenice’ and ‘Niko On’, Chris Kaiga is by no means a newbie in the industry. What we like about this video is the truck shots that keep us in step with Chris as he strolls through the Nairobi streets, which might be instantly recognizable to most of us. The retro feel in some parts of the video are also a nice touch.


Karun – ‘Glow Up’ directed by Andrew Mageto and Raymond Otieno

Karun’s ‘Glow Up’ is a treat for the ears and the eyes. When watching the video, it is immediately clear that a deliberate effort was made to match all visual aspects - with great results. The location, makeup and styling all blend together seamlessly to create vibrant visuals. The gentle feminine energy is a great complement to the mellow tune. The song itself is a call for ‘Sister Love’ (building each other up rather than tearing each other down), and the message is by no means understated by the softness in which it is sang.


Bensoul – ‘Lucy’ directed by KG Brian and Rodney Wachira

There’s a lot to like about Bensoul’s ‘Lucy’. It’s a catchy song. It’s got great guitar. It’s also got a very simple, multifaceted piece of advice: ‘Kama tuko wengi, tusilazimishe’.

The capacity for storytelling and lyricism amongst this crop of Sol Generation artists is unmatched. That being said, the placement of the Sol Generation sign at the beginning of this video is smart and subtle. There’s a great contrast created by the mannequins standing still as the female lead dances amongst them, made better by the rapidly flashing lights. It all comes together pretty trippy and cool. What we also like about this video is the one take shots, especially the great shot at the end where Bensoul is seated watching the female lead as she dances.


Blinky Bill – ‘Mungu Halali’ directed by Mbithi Masya

There’s no doubt that this has been Blinky’s year, not discounting his previous work with Just A Band and his subsequent solo releases. The cameo by Leonard Mbotela in this video strikes a nostalgic nerve, and the rest of the video continues as a montage of people and places: barber shops, record shops, graffiti-covered walls, market stalls, young people and old people. The snippets of everyday scenes from our estates and streets is a great tribute to our unique urban landscape. The shots capturing the key-cutting signboards are a nice subtle reference to Blinky’s EP ‘We Cut Keys While You Wait’. It just looks like a fun video to be in, especially at the end where Sage, Sarah Mitaru, Wambura Mitaru and Lisa Oduor Noah come in with their incredible vocals, and it turns into a colourful celebration with smiles all around.


Vallerie Muthoni - ‘Spicy SZN’ ft Taio and Le Ru directed by Natasha Ayoo & Vallerie Muthoni

Good times all around in this video. The song is guaranteed to get you dancing and singing along, and I personally watched the video about three times in a row the first time. The video gives a polite patriotic nudge with the Kenya Jamhuri Baseball Jerseys, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself heading over to Mizizi to secure yourself one. We’re no strangers to Taio’s great flow, and Le Ru’s sultry vocals are a beautiful addition to this great tune. The camera-spins as Vallerie gets her groove on add a great energy, and what we like most about this video is its overall fun aspect, and the message of positivity and confidence that accompanies the track.

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