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My Time With The Dimwits

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

My Personal Story: "My Time With The Dimwits "

By Wanja Rahab

This year one of my goals was to support more Kenyan art. It’s important to me because I have been a thespian and know what it takes to make a production come to life. Dimwits was a play I was invited to by my friend who was part of the cast. The Dimwits cast attended rehearsals for about three months until showtime. This included weeknights and Saturdays. Three months is a serious commitment to make to a project. Besides, I was afraid for my life if I didn’t attend. Haha just kidding…..or am I? :-D!!! Tickets were selling for 1000 bob via an e-platform. When I arrived I presented my ticket at the door then was allowed to enter. I chose the best seat in the house. It was the perfect spot; cue in Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s explanation for his spot and why it’s perfect. It was directly in front of the stage so I didn’t have to raise my head or lower it. I could also see the actors well as well as how the Stage was decorated in detail. I could also easily see the audience all around me and most importantly the door. It’s important to be able to easily access the door in case we had to make a dash for it. Kenya is not as safe as it used to be.

Anyone who knows me knows I am the Queen of preparation so naturally, I had eaten something before I arrived. I was taught to never arrive to an event feeling hungry. #AfricanParentsThinkOfEverything. The series of plays was to run from 7 pm to 10 pm. Dimwits began at around 7:15 pm (15 minute allowance for African timers (cue in Boomba Clan’s African Timer, where did they go?). Each story ran for about 20 mins. At around 8:20 pm we got a half hour break for snacks and to stretch our legs. There were snacks being sold in the lobby including Kenya's staple drink (hint; not beer) chai.

Dimwits plays were staged at the Oshwal Junior High School Auditorium from 26th to 28th July. The series of four stories had no connection with each other and were brilliantly acted by an exuberant ensemble of both Kenyan and Kenyan Indian actors such as Kennedy Bulimu, Mehul Malde, Psenjen Samson, Priyanka Chotai, Arthur Sanya, Ekta Varia and Deiip Bayani. I attended the 27th July show. The first Dimwits tale was about a woman that brought about the sudden demise of her husband unintentionally with the use of a fruit (hehe). Her husband came home one evening as always and asked her for a divorce. In doing so, he also disclosed that he was seeing another woman. At first, she did not react to the news. We women are great at blocking out news we dislike so I understood her. As they kept talking, he repeatedly told her to quiet down. Her final response was to hit him with a full pineapple (like those beautiful Del Monte ones). I felt pain for the actor who was pineappled. The pineappling made a loud thud then the actor fell *looks around and whispers* to his death. When the police came she sliced the pineapple and served it to the officers as pudding. In true Kenyan fashion, they ate it all up while telling each other that the murder weapon was right under their noses. It was hilarious as the policemen moved around the house looking for the murder weapon. The second story was about a miserly accountant’s wife who was having an affair. Her husband looked like the real life version of Shrek but had the confidence of Johnny Bravo. She loved him because he showered her with gifts unlike her stingy husband (cue in Pizo Dizo's Chali Stingy). Her lover on one of their visits decided to end their relationship much to her disbelief. He gifted her an expensive mink coat as a parting gift. Knowing she would be unable to explain the expensive gift to her husband she decided to pawn the coat temporarily. When the time came to get her coat back, she got back a mink scarf much to her disbelief. The pawn shop switched her coat for a mink neck scarf. She was speechless as was much of the audience. This was an unexpected and interesting twist. The third story was about two wine experts who always taunted each other, trying to outdo each other with their wine knowledge. On this particular occasion, one of the wine connoisseurs challenged his comrade to name a very difficult wine. His comrade got an opportunity to cheat and did so feeling very confident!!! Ata kama mwanaume ni kujiamini, some wagers are ridiculous and can cost you more than you’re ready for. He was found out and was left homeless since the confident chap had bet both his homes. I laughed heartily at this twist. The fourth story was about a man whose car broke down. He was invited by a good Samaritan to spend the night in the Samaritan’s home. The Samaritan had a wife and two daughters. The guest found the ladies in that home extremely attractive. After lights out a woman covered head to toe came to him all Jezebel like and invited him upstairs. In the morning the guest of that home was trying to decipher who he had slept with.This part had a FANTASTIC twist. Ufisi itauwa wengi haha!!!! At the end of the plays the entire cast came on the Stage for introductions and all took a bow. They also lined up at the door to greet the audience and were grateful to us for going to watch them shine.

It was a lot of fun to watch and I’m glad I went. Kenyan art needs more support. The stories had unexpected twists which captivated the audience. I enjoyed experiencing something unique since unique is my middle name (que in Austin 'Danger' Powers lol) i.e. four unrelated stories being told in a single time frame. I left Dimwits with a smile on my face for an evening well spent. If they decide to stage it again everyone should go and treat themselves. Here is the cast after a show:

Here's a short promo video the DIMWITS made, below:

This is the cast on stage being introduced to the audience. Hope you enjoyed my personal story. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

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