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Meet The Family

Hello and welcome to our first official Shifteye Studios Blog Post. We are so excited to finally start on our blogging journey, we have so many amazing & exciting things to share with you. But first off, let's kick things off, with introducing the team here at the Shifteye Studios...

Wakasa Sambu

Assistant Photographer

Introducing Assistant Photographer & Sharp Shooter, Wakasa Sambu. Armed with a great photographer's eye, a strong eagerness to learn and the ability to swiftly pick up new photography ticks, Wakasa is an invaluable part of our team, extremely capable and very talented. She is fast becoming a photographer with a sterling carrier ahead of her.

Having encountered photography after studying for a diploma in Graphic Design, Wakasa has been engaging in photography professionally for about two years. In that time, and with the help of the team at Shifteye Studios, she has managed to put on a successful photography exhibition and hopes to do many more. Her role at Shifteye involves second shooting, shooting behind the scenes and occasionally tuning the radio when it doesn’t catch a preferred station.

Wakasa’s other hobbies are watching (Marvel) movies, reading and swimming. She also enjoys consuming and championing Kenyan content, especially Kenyan music, films and art.

Wanja Rahab

Assistant Manager

Coming in as the wonderful and brand new addition to the Shifteye Studios team is Assistant Manager, Wanja Rahab. Wanja is the strong, capable driving force behind the new and efficient administrative side of the Shifteye Studios. Wanja is our first point of contact with all our clients. Her warm and welcome personality and acute business sense make her an invaluable addition to our team. Her role involves dealing with clients' queries and concerns, record-keeping and other tasks to ensure the Studio runs smoothly. She values her current position, its challenges and the great work environment. 

Wanja is a multifaceted individual who enjoys a good laugh, a good book, a movie, music, learning, spending time with her loved ones and so on. She is a self-described Jill of a few trades as she has been an actor on local television shows, a voice artist and a writer. Wanja is a big advocate of supporting local businesses which she does by consuming local quality products and services. She is also an avid supporter of local art whereby she watches/attends local shows (including stage plays) when she is able to. She believes that laughter is good for the soul and the deeper the laugh the better. 

Wanja prefers hard cover books to e-books, consuming her local news in bite sizes and is an intentionally joyful person. She believes in going for every opportunity that presents itself, as long as it's an opportunity to learn.  She enjoys Kenyan public holidays and wishes there were more of them. Less taxation would also be highly appreciated. 

Zachary Saitoti

Director, Lead Photographer & Event Manager

Director & Lead Photographer Zachary Saitoti a.k.a. Shifteye, is a Bristol-bred, Nairobi-based full-time Creative Freelance Photographer, Graphic Designer, Professional DJ, Enthusiastic Foodie and Director at Shifteye Limited.

His passion, curiosity and dedication to creativity, art and photography have spanned over fourteen years enabling him to hone his skills in Fashion & Editorial Photography, Landscape & Travel Photography, Food & Beverage Photography, Event Photography and Image Restoration as well as Film Production.

It was at the University of the West of England, Bristol, that Zachary attained two degrees with Honours , the first in Graphic Design and the second in Photography. It was during his time in Bristol that he came up with the name "Shifteye" ... most of his friends at the time were either breakdancers, DJ's or Graffiti Artists. All of his friends had a myriad of interesting monikers, so Zachary figured that as a photographer, there was nothing that said he couldn't also have an interesting pseudo name. This gave birth to the name Shifteye...

"... for me it meant not everything you saw was what it seems, there is always more than meets the eye. I loved to add or hide personal things within my photos and designs...."

As professional DJ, Zachary has performed in clubs and venues all over London, Bristol, Nairobi & even Kigali. Look for him performing under the name Dj Sir Loin as part of Noise On Demand.

Check out his photography work on BEHANCE.

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